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coffee shop

We met at the local coffee shop that had recently opened that neither of us had been too. Unlike how things had used to be, since Chessy had gotten married and had babies, her time had become far less free and far more scheduled so that I had barely a chance to see her. Unfortunately, due to fate, I hadn’t even seen her in nearly three months. Dealing with sick children, vacations, husband’s work responsibilities, and home life left little room for us to spend time together especially with our own full time jobs.

I still wasn’t the CEO, I still didn’t own my father’s company again. My job wasn’t yet complete and therefore could not be slacked upon in the slightest.

So, if this was what we had to do to talk then so be it. We’d have plenty of time once we got older and I’d achieved my dream to meet and chat as much as we wanted. It was Chessy’s choice to back out of the race.

After all, it’d been nearly five months since I’d seen Chessy. So I’d have to say today’s coffee date was more then warranted by this point. Especially with my latest dreams.

The sky was just now turning light as the sun just breached the horizon, once again, I’d spent the entire night wandering the woods looking for fairies instead of sleeping in my bed. If Aunty found out, I’d be in so much trouble, again. I really didn’t want to be grounded anymore.

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However, today was a special day. Today was different. This time, just as the sun dawned, I saw something. Something just out of the corner of my eye, but I think that I may have just found what I’d been searching for this entire time.

My ticket back.

A fairie who could lead me back to Wonderland.

The little purple light flitted around and I couldn’t help but follow deeper into the woods, even though, maybe I shouldn’t have.

I followed until the light disappeared and I stopped, waiting but I couldn’t wait forever so I moved forward. I broke through the trees and into a clearing where a young man stood. Someone more beautiful, more handsome than any I’ve ever seen before or since then. He stood tall and strong, hair black as night, eyes the color of amethyst, and he was looking right at me.


Of course I was the only other person there.


He had the most peculiar wings though, violet and transparent, softly fluttering behind him. I was absolutely mesmerized by them and I so longed to touch them.

Mysterious man: Hello Alice.

His smile was small, but spoke the world. It was soft and seductive, kind and temptation all wrapped up in one.

He struck up a conversation, I responded, I know I did, but as to what was said, I remember not much at all. I was far too mesmerized by his eyes to focus on his words.

When he took my hand and began walking, I went and didn’t even think of objecting.

4We must have walked for a long time, out of the woods and down a long paved road until a small building with flashing neon lights appeared in the distance. Despite the pumps outside the place appeared to be deserted.

“Pumps? For what?” Chessy interrupted.

“For gas, for the cars I suppose.” I shrugged.

“We have nothing like that around here for the vehicles, besides only the rich can afford a car.”

“True, I’m not sure. I never did quite question it though.”


“Can I finish now?”

Chessy stuck her tongue out at me in response.

He led me around to the side where a door sat, hidden. I wouldn’t’ have even seen it if he hadn’t of stopped in front of it. There wasn’t even a door knob. Although the question of how to open it was resolved once he pulled a key from his pocket and slid it in the slot and when he twisted, the door pushed open. He pulled me inside behind him, shutting the door and locking it back softly, he turned and stopped. Curious, I looked over his shoulder and saw an older woman standing by a sofa, two little children seated, curled up asleep and an older man seated in a small patio chair at a small table.


The older woman looked back at me curiously, the old man’s eyes narrowed focused on the fairy.

None but the little girl shared his wings.

Older woman: Who is this, darling?

Her smile was shaky, her voice high pitched.

Something told me strangers were not often invited into the back.

Mysterious man: A friend. She needs a place to stay for a while.

Older man: So you decided to bring her here? Endangering all of us?

He sneered. The look wasn’t very attractive to him. Feeling a cold chill permeate my side, I’d wrapped my arms around myself and looked next to me. I was more than surprised to see a clear glass door with rows upon rows of beveraged liquids with names I’d never seen before where the cold chill was coming from.

Mysterious man: How would she endanger anyone? She’s an innocent woman.

Older woman: She looks to be a mere child, dear.”

Older man: How do you know she’s not a spy?

At this, I could remain quiet no longer. I had to defend myself.

Me: I’ve no clue as to what you mean. I’ve just met him, I barely even know his name let alone have any desire to hurt him. Besides who would want to hurt you or even think to look for you…here?

The place was very unkempt. Boxes piled, bags littering the floors and furniture very obviously salvaged from the trash and makeshift furniture for what wasn’t.

Mysterious man: See? We’ll be in the loft if you need me.

He took my hand back and quickly maneuvered me through the room to a ladder at a back that led up to a dark loft, a door left open next to it clearly led to a disastrous bedroom that must have belonged to one of them.

7There was barely enough room to stand once we got up there, he had to stoop over just to walk about and led me to another make-shift sofa in the back that must have served as his bed. Sitting he pulled me down beside him, wrapping an arm around me.


He smiled at me, but this time I saw the strain behind the mask.

We sat in silence, for a bit before he sat up and when I turned to look at him, his lips met mine in a rather abrupt kiss that I was happy to return.

“Moving a bit fast aren’t you?” Chessy grinned like the cat that just got the canary.

Feeling myself turn red, I swatted her arm, and went back to my tale.

Anyways, we sat and kissed for quite a while when something happened. It felt as if the earth itself was shaking. As if at any moment it would open and swallow us whole. He broke away from me and the shaking continued, only getting worse until I felt the vibrations in my body. As if my soul was literally being shaken from my very being.

He turned to look at me, and when his eyes met mine…it was as if the entire world had ended and we were being cast in hell so afraid was he.

As if in a dream, I could have sworn I heard a woman scream, he opened his mouth and-

“Excuse me, ma’am?”

We jumped, a startled scream escaping Chessy and frighetning the waiter.

“I-I’m sorry.” Chessy breathed, hand to her throat, smile shaky.

“I have a note here for you. From a Mr. Tesla.”

“Of course, thank you.” Chessy took the note from him, slipping some money into his hand, barely minding as he bowed and walked away. She flipped open the note and quickly scanned the scrawled message.

“I must go, my dear. I’m truly sorry, it looks as if Rowena has come down with a fever and I’m needed, but we must meet for coffee next week to finish this delightful chat. Same time?” Chessy hesitated until I agreed and was gone within seconds of my agreement.

I stayed behind, staring at the spot where she disappeared in the distance. I was unable to get the sight of her worried eyes out of my mind. It was almost as if….no, it wasn’t possible. Chessy would never keep anything from me. Never. Especially nothing as important as this.

Not when it had to do with him. He was my best friend as a child, she knew this. I’d spent every waking second I could since I had Edward searching from him. She wouldn’t hide something like this from me.