The Story

Generation 1: Alice Adaire

Prologue Part 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

Prologue Part 2: Sweet Orphans

Chapter 1: The Dear, the Dead, the Lonely

Chapter 2: The Dreams of Reality Never Cease to End

Chapter 3: The Lost Way Home

Chapter 4: The Plot To Hell Could Easily Lead To Death

Chapter 5: A Choice To Make, A Choice To Decide, A Choice Easy To Have

Chapter 6: The Choice Made, The Life Taken

Chapter 7: Letters to Wonderland Never To Be Seen

Chapter 8: Music Boxes To Show The Light

Chapter 9: To The Top We Go

Chapter 10: The Coffee Of Dreams

Chapter 11: Dreams of Desire

Chapter 12: The Love That Never Was

Chapter 13: Beneath The Depths Of Despair

Chapter 14: Happiness of Wraith

Chapter 15: Lies of Death

Chapter 16: Behold The Book Of Truth

Chapter 17: The White Tale

Chapter 18: Acceptance of Destiny is Key

Chapter 19: The Truth Too Much

Chapter 20: Memories Fade

Chapter 21: Ignorance is Bliss

Chapter 22: Eyes Of A Child Is Truth

Chapter 23: A Dog’s Woof, A Cat’s Meow

Chapter 24: To Play A Game, We Must

Chapter 25: A Team To Win

Chapter 26: A Gap To Bridge, Age No More

Chapter 27: The Day Of Reckoning

Generation 2: Edward Adaire





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  1. Tag! You’re it. LOL! I nominated you for the Liebster Award.


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